Statement from Executive Director

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Mr Samson W Mulole.

As I come across to the fore to my word as ED of Chitani Community Sustainable Development Organization, I can’t assist but replicate on the reality that, the Malawi’s vulnerable communities require CHICOSUDO as much, if not more, now as they did when it was established in its early years. We must persist to perk up the ways we do this in a very spirited market, and we must continue to gross and retain the expectations of donors that the money they give to us does go to the rationale for which it was projected and does really make a difference. We must prolong to develop our School Programs so that we can yoke the power of our own young lot in supporting CHICOSUDO aims and objectives. Along with supporters and partners, CHICOSUDO gazes ahead to meeting all these challenges. We must ensure that we maintain our partnerships and forge new ones within our capacity to service them. We were capable to do additional and superior, thanks to the sustained support, solidarity, team spirit, harmony and feedback of our supporters, donors and partners. I am proud of our Trustees, staff, team and volunteers who have installed so much to make the difference we have been able to achieve. Our appreciation goes to every one of you who is the part of our mission. The pathway to end poverty is an extensive one, but when walked together, success is a surer one. We believe there is a termination of poverty through managing dispersed youth, empowering women, protecting children from abuses and exploitation and providing them safe and protective as well as productive environment. Although it must be accomplished by working along with and sustaining poor people to act; allege their civil rights and confront the injustices they meet often. We and our entire partners, supporters and those who are working with us for the welfare of marginalized creation of God; we all know about our mission and objectives; we are so grateful to whom who are working with us in this gigantic task. To our volunteers, donors and supporters, I present my heartfelt thanks on behalf of the team; for your support and continuing generosity.