Chitani Community Sustainable Development Organization was established in 2004 as a Community Based Organization and it came to full swing in 2005. It was transformed into local NGO in 2012. It was established by few individuals due to the increase numbers of people living with HIV/AIDS, orphans and vulnerable children in the area and the stress of the extended family. CHICOSUDO registered with Malawi Government under Trustees incorporation act 05:03 of the rule of Malawi. Certificate number TR/INC 2423.

HIV/AIDS is a serious issue in our catchment areas.  CHICOSUDO catchment area is in Lunzu, Blantyre North East Constituency, and Traditional Authority Kapeni Southern Region of Malawi.  Lunzu is a large market area in Blantyre and is well known in the region for its numerous entertainment centers and rest houses. It is located on the main highway from Lilongwe as entering Blantyre. There is a high amount of traffic going through Lunzu, people come to attend workshops at the conference centers, truck drivers from abroad find accommodation in Lunzu and market people of all walks, come to sell and buy their needs.  Rainfall patterns are poor and for a person to find food it is difficult.  The best way to find food is to go to the market in order to sell and buy goods for basic needs. This mix of people and lack of access to basic needs has resulted in many risky behaviors such as prostitution, multiple sexual partners, drug abuse, and unprotected sex; therefore Lunzu has a high infection rate of HIV/AIDS. The major factors are cultural practices, unemployment, multiple sexual partnerships. Many children have lost both of their parents and foster families. People living in Malawi, particularly Lunzu people have contributed well in making some of the projects successful. CHICOSUDO is working under the slogan of “Join your own and work for your own”. Objective of the slogan is to work for the local community to get involve, be part of the projects and help their own.

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